Thursday, 20 May 2010

Google is objective isn't it?

How many people think about the results they get back from Google?

You just type in a search and off it goes and find you the information impartially - Right?

Well not necessarily. There are ways for people to make sure they get higher on the Google's output than competitive ideas. This has been used during political campaigning to smear opponents by associating their webpages with searches for insulting descriptions. It was also used by a certain German car firm that was blocked by Google from searches because they had been manipulating the system.

Behind all of this Google also has to make money and some of that money is through advertising and adwords and people who pay the cash want the impact. So they want to come higher up on the search outputs.

Another way that Google influences the way people search is in the automatic completion of the search phrases which can lead people is directions that do not reflect the actual community. One such case has been reported for nano-technology:

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