Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Conspiracy and Coincidence

How common is the surname Aylward?

It does not seem too common to me. I cannot remember meeting anyone who has the surname but that might reflect regional variations in surnames. My own surname is not very common outside of its ancestral home in Leicestershire, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

So what are the chances of the surname being involved in two major news events on the same day?

Two BBC news headlines for the 25th of October involved Aylwards.

Violetta Aylward was a nurse who accidentally switched off the life support systems of a tetraplegic man in her care leaving him with brain damage.
Rebecca Aylward was found murdered in woodland after she had been attacked by two teenage boys.

What are the chances of that happening? It did happen and there is obviously no connection but chance patterns arise all around us, and it is difficult to escape trying to read too much into them.

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