Thursday, 9 September 2010

Susan Greenfield - Stephen Hawking is like the Taliban

So says Prof Susan Greenfield. Now we all make heat of the moment comments and I also get tired of the excessive rants of the atheists who forget about pragmatism, not because they are necessarily wrong, but because they go the wrong way about making their point. But here is a nice article showing Prof. Greenfield's past track record.

Tom Chivers in the Times

Then there is her difficulties with the Royal Institution reported in the Guardian. In the end she did a deal to end the Sex Discrimination case - as also reported in the Guardian. The Telegraph was less sympathetic and argued that she should have been sacked.

If you want to see live updates of Prof. Greenfield's controveries then watch the Ben Goldacre twitter feed and the Bad Science blogs where she makes a regular appearance. Although she did decline to meet Goldacre for a debate at a literary festival.

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